Heat Transfer Media Touts Low Pressure Drop For RTOs

Koch Knight LLC, a manufacturer of corrosion proof materials and environmental heat transfer equipment, introduces FlexiSaddle LPD (low pressure drop) 1-inch heat transfer media for regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) in the ethanol industry.  FlexiSaddle LPD is said to provide low pressure drop and efficient heat transfer in a strong mechanical configuration, and it is ideal for applications where particulate build up has limited the service life of other media types in the past.

The high open area and aerodynamic design of the FlexiSaddle LPD heat transfer media results in over 20% lower pressure drop than standard saddle media designs for the same heat transfer efficiency.  The unique three-rib design improves heat transfer through more efficient use of the media’s surface area.  

In the ethanol industry, RTOs are instrumental in maintaining air quality standards by processing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into safe water vapor. 

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