Circulating Water Temperature Control System Features Stainless Steel Surfaces

Re-engineered to improve accuracy, reliability of operation and to increase output, Mokon's Hydrotherm II Plus circulating water temperature control system features high quality components and construction materials. The Hydrotherm II is the first system of its kind with stainless steel as the main component for wetted surfaces, from the stainless steel pump to the stainless steel heater canister and pump suction manifold.

The Hydrotherm II Plus is now available with standard heating capacities up to 12 kW with higher heating capacities offered as options, pump sizes offered up to 3 hp and flow rates of 15 gpm to 60 gpm. To improve serviceability, the heaters are now removed from the back to allow better tool access. The overall number of fasteners has been reduced and, to strengthen and stabilize the 14 ga. cabinet, the front casters have been moved toward the back.

The high-efficiency heating design, which is found in all Mokon systems, is replicated in this design with a two-pass stainless steel heating canister. Fluid is forced to take a designed path over the heating elements to increase heat transfer efficiency. Featuring an operator-friendly and easy-to-use microprocessor-based controller, the Hydrotherm II delivers precise temperature control.
The Hydrotherm II Plus systems provide the highest level of protection in the industry with UL labeled electrical sub-panels and NFPA 79 electrical safety standards. The system also comes standard with an extended warranty.

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