Web-based Research Tool Answers Complex Technology and Market Questions

Elsevier has launched illumin8 (www.illumin8.com), the first web-based research tool that integrates natural language search technology with content from Elsevier’s full-text scientific articles, millions of scientific abstracts, patents and billions of web sources to give users actionable solutions for research initiatives. illumin8 transforms Elsevier’s content into actionable knowledge in formats that fit into the professional’s workflow.

To build illumin8, Elsevier has partnered with NetBase, a provider of research software solutions that enable knowledge workers to mine the Internet and other online data to accelerate research.

illumin8 combines search and semantic indexing technologies to distill deep meaning, purpose and insight from the vast amount of Elsevier’s full-text content, scientific abstracts from 4,000 publishers, patents and billions of web pages. This research tool extracts and analyzes solutions, which are then categorized under organizations, products, technologies, approaches and experts. illumin8 is designed to go beyond simple keyword search, quickly finding and extracting crisp summarized answers and interrelationships that are semantically related to the context of the search query.

In addition to finding solutions from five billion web pages, millions of patents and Elsevier’s scientific content, illumin8 users will be able to access the full-text of Elsevier journals if they have an online subscription to the journal through ScienceDirect.

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