Software Package Features Technical Plotting and Data Processing

Poly Software International announce the release of PSI-Plot version 8.8 for Windows, a software package for technical plotting and data processing. Since its first release in September 1992 as a DOS program, PSI-Plot has been used by more than 73,000 scientists and engineers in the United States and around the world. PSI-Plot version 8.8 has incorporated all the features found in the previous versions, plus 30 new features. These features include: simplex and Powell methods for nonlinear fitting, dose-response analysis, Weibull analysis, Kaplan-Meier survival estimates and over 100 predefined fitting models. Several new plot types and axis scales have also been added in this latest version, and the plot wizard will create user desired plot in a more convenient and intuitive way.

Product Type:
Data Collection
Poly Software International