Solid-Liquid Separation Solutions Process Edible Oils

Larox offers a multiple solid-liquid separation solutions for dry fractionation and solvent fractionation of vegetable oils as well as other areas in the processing of edible oils including oil bleaching and fish oil recovery, among others.

The Pannevis GT filter offers the capability of carrying out continuous separation followed by multi-step counter-current washing using solvents in a totally enclosed environment, thus making it a good equipment choice for the olein-stearin separation of vegetable oils such as palm kernel or shea nut. The Pannevis GT filter operates with a small internal over-pressure of nitrogen in the housing. The nitrogen is continuously re-circulated around the filter circuit so that all components including receivers and pumps are totally inert.  A very small make-up of nitrogen is required to compensate for the gas exiting with the filter cake. 

Large windows in the sidewalls and lights on the roof ensure complete visibility of the process inside the housing. 


Separations technology
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