Alternative Fuels And Feedstocks Service Helps Companies Operate Efficiently

KBC Advanced Technology (KBC) offers an Alternative Fuels and Feedstocks Service (AFFS). Companies considering building or operating alternative fuel plants or utilizing alternative feedstocks need to optimize designs and operations to maximize yields of high-value products, minimize energy consumption and CO2 emissions, ensure reliability, and operate at optimum staffing levels using best practice systems, work processes, procedures, and tools. KBC’s CapX (Capital Excellence) services may help companies make sense of the options and make the right decisions for their facility. The OpX (Operations Excellence) services for Alternative Fuels and Feedstocks assist companies in effectively operating this type of facility.
According to George Bright, KBC CEO, the company has successfully completed projects in Tar Sands, Coal to Liquids (CTL), Gas to Liquids (GTL), and bio and synthetic fuel integration.
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Design and construction
KBC Advanced Technology