Circulation Heater Is Well-suited for Applications Where Safety and Cleanliness Are Critical

Watlow announces the CAST-X 500 circulation heater. This small, lightweight circulation heater is ideal for demanding gas and liquid applications and will not burn the fluids being heated. The CAST-X 500 heater is suited for applications where fluid cleanliness is critical, since the gas or the liquid being heated never comes in contact with the heater.

The CAST-X 500 circulation heater is well-suited for environments where safety is an issue, especially in cases where a volatile material is heated, a sensitive material is being heated or there is a phase change that could cause the heater to fail prematurely. The heater is also ideal for environments where contamination is an issue, especially if there is a possibility that the heater will fail and contaminate the process or cause harm to the system.

The CAST-X 500 circulation heater is constructed of a helical coiled tube cast into an aluminum body with a replaceable cartridge heater installed in the center. The cartridge heater can be replaced with a higher or lower wattage unit as required for the application. The aluminum body serves as the heat transfer media between the cartridge heater and the coiled tube where fluid is being heated. The unique construction of the heater allows it to be used where thermally sensitive materials are being heated, such as paints, resins and flammable materials. The aluminum mass acts as a "thermal flywheel" and ensures accurate temperature control of the fluid to prevent degradation.

The cast-in aluminum construction assures longer heater life and accurate temperature control, and the stainless steel fluid path assures compatibility with many different materials. The heater's non-welded construction provides high pressure operation up to 3000 psi, operates up to 177°C (350°F), minimizes potential leakage and self drains when mounted vertically.

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