Magnetic Field Gauss Meter Allows Measurements from 2000 mG to 200 Micro-Tesla

The HHG191 Gauss meter represents the latest design in magnetic measuring equipment, allowing measurements from 2000 mG to 200 micro-tesla with a basic accuracy of 2.5% + 6-digit. This meter is applied to measuring electromagnetic fields of extremely low frequency (30 to 300Hz) of electric transmission equipment, microwave ovens, air conditioners, computer monitors, video/audio devices, and more. Features include an overload display, low battery indicator, and Micro-Tesla and Milli-Gauss display options. A 9V battery is included with the HHG191. The HHG191 is ideally suited for air shipment, medical manufacturing, and oil industries. Recommended applications include Earth's field vectors, air shipment inspection, mapping and recording field perturbations, magnet classification, analysis of magnetic circuitry and components, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and measuring residual fields. This product is CE compliant.
Prices start at $149.
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Omega Engineering