Filtering Centrifuge Mimics the Performance of Larger Models

The Western States Laboratory/Pilot Plant Filtering Centrifuge is ideal for replicating the solid/liquid separation performance of larger vertical or horizontal filtering centrifuges. The solids holding capacity ranges from 0.09 cubic feet (2.5 liters) to 0.26 cubic feet (7.4 liters). Various filtering cloths are available down to less than five microns. All contact surfaces are 316 stainless steel on a stainless steel base with casters and an electrical classification Class I Division 1. A variable frequency drive with digital RPM readout and speed control are on-board in a NEMA-7&9 cabinet. The VFD allows basket speeds of up to 3600 rpm which can generate separation forces of up to 2,600 G's. Standard design in stock. Custom designs available including Hastelloy contact surfaces or Halar coated. An optional interchangeable solid bowl is available for decanting operation which is useful for sub-micron particles and very low percent solids separation.
Separations technology
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