Small-scale Contained Filter Dryer Provides Efficiency and Versatility

The PSL small-scale contained filter dryer provides maximum efficiency and versatility in R&D kilo labs. This lab scale system has a 0.05 m2 filtration area with a 15-liter liquid capacity and typical two- to eight-liter wet cake capacity — ideal for multi-product kilo facilities. Typical batch sizes of 1KG to 5KG quantities with a compact system that can be easily moved round and receive slurry liquid from multiple reactors. Containment is achieved via a top-mounted PSL ChargePoint, 100mm split valve, for vessel charging. A tilting mechanism, which is integrated into the frame, allows complete inversion of the vessel for contained powder discharge via the same spilt valve. The PSL ChargePoint achieves <10 microgrammes/m3 containment, further ancillaries can be added to the standard valve to achieve <1 microgrammes/m3.
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