Metal Wire Gauze Packing IS Suited for Vacuum Distillation

Sulzer Chemtech's metal wire gauze packing, BXPlus, is the newest development of the company's “Plus” packing family. It is designed for various applications in vacuum distillation where minimal pressure drop per theoretical stage is crucial.

The BXPlus gauze packing benefits from the proven features of Sulzer's MellapakPlus product line. At the lower and upper portion of each packing element, the angle of the corrugation gradually approaches vertical, resulting in a s-shape geometry. Due to this modification, the direction of the vapor flow smoothly changes at the interface between two elements.

This smoother flow leads to a reduction of the vapor flow velocity and shear forces, resulting in a decreased liquid hold-up at the element transition. The net result is a reduction of pressure drop while providing the same separation efficiency as the previous industry standard, Sulzer BX. BXPlus gauze packing can be used to replace standard gauze packings and achieve up to a 25% reduction in pressure drop while maintaining capacity and efficiency.

BXPlus was developed to be applied at column top pressures of 1-100 mbar where high separation efficiency at extremely low pressure drop is required. This packing is ideally operated at
relatively low vapor and liquid loads. In applications where a short residence time is critical to prevent degrading of heat sensitive products BXPlus is the preferred packing.

Due to its self wetting wire gauze material BXPlus provides an excellent liquid distribution even at very low liquid loads. Application examples are distillation of plastic monomers (Caprolactam, MDI, DMT, etc.), ethylene glycols, ethanol amines, oleo chemicals, fine chemicals or vitamins.

The BXPlus is the appropriate packing for revamping existing columns equipped with conventional gauze packings in order to increase bottom product quality at a given capacity or to increase capacity while maintaining a constant bottom temperature.

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