Westcott Distribution Inc.

Westcott Distribution Inc., manufacturer of GoatThroat pumps, announced its GT multi-pump dispensing system, the latest addition to its line of pumping solutions for spill-free, environmentally safe transference of virtually any chemical or liquid.

The pumping system is designed to expand capability and streamline operations where multiple process chemicals are dispensed and allows simultaneous multiple liquid transfer stations to operate from a single compressor line with only 2 psi. The basic system can handle up to four pumps simultaneously, and additional system components can be added to meet any requirement.

The system features a regulator with low-volume air pressure gauge, automatic external pressure relief at 6psi, automatic shut-off quick-connect air fittings on the manifold as well as on each pump. One-touch flow control dispenses chemicals at a controlled rate to: prevent waste, conserve inventory and produce precisely measured amounts every time. Flow can be continuous, or adjusted to dispense liquids at rates up to 4.5 gallons per minute depending on viscosity.

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