Rithmware Technologies Releases Drying-centered Simulation Software

Rithmware Technologies Inc. released ProcesSimO 1.0, drying-centered process simulation software, designed specifically for drying and evaporation related process simulations.

ProcesSimO can be used to model a drying process, an evaporation process, or a combined evaporation and drying process. Using the streams and unit operations provided by the software, users can construct any drying and evaporation related processes they wish to model, design and analyze. They can also explore different arrangements of unit operations and experiment with different operating conditions to optimize their designs and operations.

Engineers can use ProcesSimO to design drying and evaporation related plants. Based on design requirements they can quickly layout the heat/mass/pressure balance calculations and obtain the necessary process parameters, such as the air flow rate of a dryer, the capacity and power input of a fan, the heating duty of a heater, etc. They can then choose equipment according to the simulation results. Users can also easily layout an existing plant on a flowsheet and optimize its operation.

ProcesSimO software includes a drying gas stream, a drying material stream and 19 unit operations: solid dryer, liquid dryer, cyclone, air filter, bag filter, electro-static precipitator, wet scrubber, scrubber condenser, fan, compressor, steam jet ejector, pump, valve, heater, cooler, heat exchanger (which can be used as an evaporator), liquid-vapor separator, mixer and tee. It also includes a logical unit operation, recycle, to simulate recycled gas or material stream. In addition to heat/mass/pressure balance calculations in all the unit operations, ProcesSimO also contains a simple dryer scoping model, a detailed cyclone rating model, as well as simple and complex heat exchanger rating models for single phase heat transfer.

A humidity chart and unit converters are also included in ProcesSimO as utilities. The humidity chart utility can be used to visualize either the state of a drying gas or an isenthalpic drying process. The unit converters utility covers all chemical engineering units. The software package also includes a tutorial and a set of predefined flowsheets.

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