Scientific Technologies

Scientific Technologies, Inc., Automation Products Group, introduces IRU-5110 Series self contained ultrasonic sensors.  These compact (113.10mm x 76.20mm; 4.45 in. x 3.00 in.) and easy-to-mount sensors will work on solids or liquids and provide a sensing range from 76mm (3 in.) to 2000mm (79 in.).  Available outputs include 0-5VDC or 0-2.5VDC or 4-20mA or 4-20mA with two programmable NPN transistor trips.

These ultrasonic sensors provide a reliable method of detecting level, presence/absence, volume, proximity and distance measurements.  They incorporate microprocessor technology that accommodates for environmental factors such as temperature change, waves on liquid, tank irregularities, agitators and humidity, among others, for highly accurate measurements.  Sensor adjustments are made via a computer USB interface using an RST-3001 module (sold separately) and Windows®-compatible software.

STI's Automation Products Group serves the factory automation, semiconductor, transportation, oil and gas, consumer and food processing industries with a diversified offering of sensing technologies.  Products include level, flow, pressure sensing, positioning transducers, vehicle separation, profiling and ultrasonic sensors and controls.

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