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The new line of StacoSine® Active Harmonic Filters dynamically correct a wide spectrum of harmonic orders present in most water treatment plants (due to the presence of multiple motors and pumps).    StacoSine uses power electronics to monitor a non-linear load and dynamically correct every harmonic order from the 2nd to the 31st.  Through an injection and cancellation process, the sine wave is restored and distortion is reduced to less than 5% THD, meeting stringent IEEE 519 standards.

The StacoSine® technology moves power from the AC source to its DC electronic platform, then back to the AC source rapidly, to cancel out harmonics and equalize the sine wave. The high speed process cancels high frequency output current, while it determines the precise value of injected load current.  Designed to operate at levels that continuously adapt to rapid load fluctuations, StacoSine is ideal for chemical, food, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper and other process industry facilities where motors, pumps and other and process equipment are prevalent.    

Models are available for 208 - 480 VAC, 3-phase installations with an adaptive system frequency of 45/65 Hz, and 120/240 VAC control power.  Equipment ratings are from 25 to 200 amperes.   Wall mount or freestanding NEMA 1 enclosures are standard, with NEMA 12 or 3R enclosures available.  Optional communications packages and user specific requirements can also be accommodated.

Unlike “passive” harmonic mitigation technologies which require intensive site data collection, power quality surveys and computer generated studies, StacoSine® can be easily installed with minimal analysis (and no downtime for installation).  They are available as stand-alone systems or can be integrated into other power quality and power distribution equipment.

“With the wide range of harmonics mitigation that StacoSine® provides,” says Chuck Gougler, Director of Business Development, “improving electrical system efficiency has never been easier.  Customers will start to save money immediately after installation.”

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