Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics introduces a Pure-Fit ® TC Tube Clamp System which features a completely smooth outer body with no sharp edges eliminating the potential of snags, scratches, or punctures. The unique locking mechanism is fully encapsulated to guard against untimely or unwanted release. The Pure-Fit TC has a press down locking system and side release mechanism allowing for secure and single handed operation and installation. The high tech design allows for complete flow stoppage and can be installed over the tube in normal fashion or assembled after the tube is already in assembly formation.

Pure-Fit TC is constructed from high performance thermoplastic materials such as PDVF, polypropylene, or polysulphone and can accommodate a wide range of tubing products.  Pure-Fit TC tube clamps are fully autoclavable and sterilizable and meet all USP Class VI criteria.

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