Leybold Clawvac Dry Claw Pump Handles Rough Industrial Processes

Oct. 30, 2020
Leybold Clawvac manages rough vacuum applications.

Leybold introduces the uncomplicated, dry rough vacuum Clawvac pump, designed especially for rough industrial processes. Besides food processing, packaging and environmental technology applications, it is suitable for drying and sterilization processes. The pump, which is offered in three pumping speed classes, is specially designed for continuous operation at every working pressure. Additionally, the special pump design avoids oil that comes into contact with pumped gases, which allows higher oxygen applications. Leybold also offers a new multiple pump system with the Clawvac System series. These systems are based on Clawvac and offer a redundant plug-and-play solution.

Daily use of the Clawvac is uncomplicated: Due to the self-supporting construction, the vacuum generator is easily accessible. This allows direct cleaning of the pump on-site. The simple handling of the robust pump is also attributed to its operating principle: a pair of claw rotors rotating in the pump stator completely free of contact and wear. With rotors made of stainless steel and a corrosion-resistant coated vacuum chamber, the Clawvac performs even under harsh process conditions.

Depending on the required flow rate, the systems contain two to four Clawvac pumps in one housing. One pump is speed-controlled, which allows exact adjustment of the generated vacuum. The intelligent control activates or disactivate the other fixed speed pumps based on the vacuum need. This speed control reduces the necessary energy consumption and CO2 emissions.