Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers Tout Ultrahigh Purity

Nov. 24, 2009

AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products -- a leader in fluoropolymer heat exchangers for over 45 years -- now offers shell and tube heat exchangers made with ultrahigh-purity (UHP) PFA tubing that allow chemical processors and others to conform to the highest standards of purity.

The UHP heat exchangers are single pass, counter current designs that incorporate AMETEK's unique honeycomb construction. They are ideal for heating and cooling ultrapure water, acids and other corrosive chemicals typically used in electronics, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor manufacture. 

The heat exchangers are available in shell diameters ranging from three to fourteen inches, and, while the most commonly used shells are fluoropolymer lined, a variety of other materials also are available on request. All lined metal heat exchanger shells are ASME coded and equipped with TEMA/ANSI end nozzle connections.

AMETEK heat exchangers have proven to offer an excellent combination of low operational costs and high performance.  They are more durable and less brittle than glass and graphite and are more corrosion resistant than most metals.