Software Monitors Energy Costs And Consumption

Feb. 14, 2012
New version designed to help facilities minimize carbon footprint.

Iconics has released Energy AnalytiX version 10.61, a software solution designed for industrial operations that require monitoring of energy cost, consumption and carbon released into the environment. Energy AnalytiX offers a calculation, aggregation, analysis and visualization toolset that can help facility managers reduce and manage utility costs, and minimize their carbon footprints.

The new version 10.61 includes a number of enhancements, including advanced energy data aggregation and summarization; new “virtual” meter type for calculated meters; new grouping support for meter type; external data import and processing; and the capability to provide summary calculations at 15-minute granularity.

Energy AnalytiX offers manufacturing and process plants, utilities and commercial or government buildings an energy management system designed to improve visibility into energy usage patterns and energy reliability, as well as assist in forecasting energy consumption. When over-consumption is suspected, primary causes of energy inefficiencies or use rollup calculations can be analyzed by groups of consumers.

In addition, users can create custom KPIs and visualization dashboards, as well as specialized reports using Energy AnalytiX. Reports can be scheduled based on date, time, value, alarms or on iser ad hoc requests. Operators can be notified of energy issues via SMS, email, or phone alerts.