Web-based Energy Data Collection Solution Simplifies Energy Management in Plants

Nov. 20, 2013
Information can be tracked by minutes, hours, days, months or years.

EcoWebServer III provides visible management of energy usage by sharing energy consumption data over the web via a company’s intranet or other information layer network.  It includes a configuration wizard for easy setup and displays visualizations through a web-based interface for historical energy bar graphs. The information can be tracked by minutes, hours, days, months or years. Additionally, the energy data collection server can provide this energy information via FTP or notification by email.

With EcoWebServer III, plant managers, sustainability teams and other professionals tasked with energy management can monitor, manage and record energy by department, building, floor, store or facility, as well as by application, factory process or equipment. For businesses engaged in energy-conservation initiatives for cost savings or environmental concerns, EcoWebServer III also provides specific consumption-based management of energy-saving activities.