Thermonics Expands Portable Chillers

July 21, 2016
Chillers are equipped with on-board diagnostics.

Thermonics introduces a standard line of -40°C and -60°C portable, low-temperature chillers. The 12 air- and water-cooled fluid chillers build on the company’s recently introduced family of -80°C units. Each model reportedly offers precise temperature control of recirculating heat-transfer fluids and provides various capacities up to 5.4kW at -40°C.

Chillers are equipped with on-board diagnostics that help predict chiller health. The system offers a choice of water or air-cooled condenser. The chillers are designed for low–temperature applications in industries including aerospace, automotive, chemical, electronics and semiconductors.

An intuitive touch-screen interface enables set-up of thermal profiles, viewing data and trends and logging diagnostics. Communications interfaces include Ethernet, RS232 and USB for remote chiller control.