Air (Energy)

Process plants rely on air for a variety of duties from reacting with chemicals to transporting materials to cleaning equipment. Air is not free. Indeed, compressed air often is the most expensive utility at a site. Leaks and other factors that compromise system efficiency compound the cost issue. Many facilities can improve their use of air and cut costs.


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Emissions monitoring is becoming more critical at chemical plants

SICK AG's David Inward on Chemical Industry Emissions Monitoring

Global governments, including the United States and European Union, have pledged to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. To achieve that target, countries are imposing regulations...
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Compressor Room

Choose the Correct Air Compressor

When selecting an air compressor, focusing on the energy bill for the current unit and potential savings can lead to a suboptimum choice. Instead, users should keep five key points...

Seek Sound Sustainability Strategies

Special report points to challenges and ways to triumph.

Don’t Err With Instrument Air Systems

Compressors and air dryers are among the elements demanding careful attention



Air Products Elects Calaway To Board Of Directors

March 1, 2022
She will serve as a member of the Air Products board's Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee and its Management Development and Compensation Committee.

GTI Honors Landälv For Leadership In Science Of Gasification

Aug. 28, 2017
Ingvar Landälv will be recognized with the 2017 Don Klass Award for Excellence in Thermochemical Conversion Science at tcbiomass2017.
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HEI Releases Updated Standards For Air Cooled Condensers

April 7, 2017
The Standards for Air Cooled Condensers covers specification and design recommendations, along with performance and operational issues associated with air cooled condensers for...

IChemE Names Finalists For Global Awards 2016

Aug. 12, 2016
The winners will be revealed on November 3 in Manchester, UK.

White Papers: In Depth Research


Important facts you should know about drying compressed air in hazardous environments

Sept. 30, 2014
Hazardous locations have or could potentially have high concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, combustible dusts, etc. A small spark can lead to a horrific explosion dangerous...

Drying Compressed Air in Hazardous Atmospheres

Feb. 24, 2012
Hazardous locations have or could potentially have high concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, combustible dusts, etc. A small spark can lead to a horrific explosion dangerous...

Reducing Water Consumption in Compressed Air Systems

Feb. 14, 2012
Compressed air systems are sometimes called the "4th Utility" due to their presence in almost all industrial processes and facilities. As US water consumption continues to increase...

Chemical Processing Special Report: Compressed Air

April 7, 2010
Chemical manufacturers today are looking at all aspects of their business to conserve energy and decrease costs. Compressed air is often over looked in these efforts as many people...

Understand Reciprocating Compressor Trouble Spots

July 17, 2020
Knowing the function of valves, lubrication and pulsation control can spare maintenance and save money.

Energy Savings: Rightsize Compressed Air

May 25, 2020
It is rare for compressed air consumption to be consistent, so it makes sense for air systems to be sized so that the total capacity meets peak demand. The problem is that most...

Kaeser Expands Secotec Refrigerated Dryer Line

May 14, 2020
Kaeser's expanded Secotec refrigerated dryer line features five new models for larger compressed air systems.

Don’t Err With Fans

May 5, 2020
Understand the tradeoffs posed by the various options