Seek Sound Sustainability Strategies

July 19, 2022
Special report points to challenges and ways to triumph.

Special Report:  Understand Sustainability Challenges

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As the cliché goes, the stone age didn’t end because we ran out of stones. We just moved on to something better.

Indeed, we increasingly will employ circular processes, using waste, biomass and renewable energy. The chemical industry will play a vital role harnessing these technologies to supply the ingredients, components and materials needed to produce all those essential convenient everyday products that make up modern life.

Across every major industry and in every major marketplace worldwide, sustainability is becoming a priority in the 21st century business world.

To be sure, a majority (51%) of respondents to Chicago-based Sphera’s “Sustainability Survey 2021,” reported a clear commitment to sustainability by their companies’ management. However, only 21% indicated their firms have a clear roadmap for implementing a sustainability strategy.

Wanting to learn more about its own slice of the industry, Atlas Copco launched a 2022 market study. The report, rich with data from multiple sources, found that based on air audits across different customer types, sizes and segments, the analysis concluded that the U.S. could save approximately 13 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually in electricity associated with compressed air. This would save U.S. manufacturers more than $1 billion in energy costs annually.

Just as important, this would remove ~9 million metric tons of CO2 annually — equivalent to >1 million homes’ annual electricity usage.

To help implement a sustainability strategy, Chemical Processing and Atlas Copco have put together a special report -- “Understand Sustainability Challenges.”

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