Literature Contains Sub Micron Emission Control Information

Jan. 18, 2011

Amistco Separation Products describes its separator packages and candle filters in a new four-page brochure.

The brochure explains the filters and emission control systems used to remove difficult plasticizer and solvent fumes from the curing oven exhaust in vinyl flooring and wallpaper manufacturing processes. Blowers draw the exhaust through a prefilter to remove larger particles and subsequent candle-type mist eliminators where the sub micron blue mist is collected and removed.

Fluids are drained, and clean air exits through a stack. Optional heat exchangers are available for applications where cooling the organic vapor makes for more effective separations. Amistco prefilters and candle-type mist eliminator elements are replaceable and available in a wide range of sizes for other applications involving sub micron mist such as sulfuric acid and fertilizer production.

Amistco manufactures a wide range of mist eliminators and other separations and mass transfer equipment. Sub micron candle-type mist eliminator technology in the western hemisphere is licensed to use through Begg Cousland.