FTC Launches Invicta Trapezoidal Liquid-Solids Filter Cartridge and Vessel System

Oct. 3, 2019
FTC launches the first trapezoidal liquid-solids filter cartridge and vessel system on the market.

Houston-based Filtration Technology Corporation (FTC), provider of filtration and separation products and services, launches Invicta, the first trapezoidal liquid-solids filter cartridge and vessel system on the market, according to the company. Invicta’s cutting-edge design and technology reportedly improves on the outdated, conventional cylindrical filtration systems widely used today. The trapezoidal, coreless and compact design allows more elements to be placed in a vessel and reduces the amount of wasted space in traditional cylindrical filter designs. This results in lower clean pressure drop, higher solids loading capacity and longer life.

Conventional, cylindrical filter designs waste precious space in filter vessels, especially when multiple filters are placed in a housing. In contrast, the unique trapezoidal shape of Invicta allows for improved element packing density by minimizing unused “dead” space to maximize the effective filter media surface area in a pressure vessel. Invicta delivers up to 176% (2.76 times) more effective surface area compared to cylindrical filters in the same footprint, which results in a longer online life, according to FTC. Longer online life means there are fewer filters to stock, fewer filters to change and fewer filters to dispose of, which reduces both direct and indirect filtration costs while minimizing operator exposure to hazardous process streams.

Invicta features a large nozzle open area that allows for higher flow rates and lower clean pressure drop.  Its unique coreless design maintains its pleat density while in service, which makes the entire surface area effective throughout the filter’s life.  The flexible design allows for vertical orientation where footprint is an issue or for a more ergonomic horizontal orientation, which eliminates the need for a platform.

Invicta cartridges are offered with a broad range of end cap and media options to satisfy most chemical and thermal compatibility needs. Common applications for Invicta include water and wastewater, process fluids, hydrocarbons, brines, solvents, amines, glycols, fuels, chemicals, acids and bases. Invicta cartridges are absolute rated at 99.98% efficiency based on single-pass, standard industry test methods. Invicta technology provides significant CAPEX and OPEX benefits when evaluating new installations. The technology can also be applied to upgrade existing equipment without changing the ASME certification of the vessel. Invicta rental vessels are currently available for trial in 18” and 30” vessel