Fauske & Associates

July 16, 2004
Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool
Fauske & Associates Inc. (FAI) announces off-the-shelf availability of its Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool (ARSST). ARSST, which incorporates the most recent advances in adiabatic calorimetry, is a reliable and cost-effective calorimeter that can quickly and safely identify potential thermal reaction hazards in chemical processing, transport and storage.ARSST's design allows users to quickly get reliable adiabatic pressure and temperature rate data that are difficult to obtain with other commercially available instruments. Also FAI's patented flow regime detector can distinguish between foamy and non-foamy reactive behavior.The standard hardware configuration consists of a personal computer with ARSST software, an electronics control cabinet and a safety containment vessel with a test cell enclosed. Optional equipment includes a flow regime detector, dual thermocouple option, high pressure vessel, and an external safety relief valve for regulation of containment pressure.