Bioreactor System Supports Cell-Based Manufacturing

Dec. 8, 2011
New line is specially designed for fragile adherent cell culture applications.

ATMI has launched the Integrity Xpansion Bioreactor Systems, a new technology that enables large-scale, cell-based manufacturing. The new line of bioreactors are part of the ATMI LifeSciences Integrity family of single-use technologies and specially developed for fragile adherent cell culture applications (such as stem cells) on a large scale.

Integrity Xpansion supports safe and cost-efficient large-scale (large volume) production of traditional two-dimensional (2-D) cell cultures, with cell culture parameter controls. The 2-D multiplate design provides the same cell environment as standard multi-tray technology, but adds a closed system for increased protection from potential contamination. Critical cell culture parameters do not change. These features allow transfer from existing technologies at any stage.

Xpansion bioreactors are made up of stacked polystyrene plates within a closed system. Up to 180 of plates can be stacked to produce a unit with a surface area of 11 square meters. As the plates are 1.6 mm apart, the entire bioreactor is about 60 cm high and 35 cm in diameter, resulting in a completely closed, single-use bioreactor from vessel to sensor.

Xpansion bioreactors integrate with the full line of ATMI technologies, including the Integrity brand of single-use technologies ranging from mixers to bioprocess vessels and bags. The Integrity platform provides dedicated technologies to support each step of cell therapy manufacturing from cell culture to cell concentration into a closed system.