PhosphonicS Introduces Phos-Cat4 Catalyst

Dec. 12, 2015
PhosphonicS introduces Phos-Cat4 acid catalyst.

The recently launched Phos-Cat4 acid catalyst from PhosphonicS is specially designed to offer increased stability. The PhosphonicS range of catalysts are alternatives to traditional homogeneous acids, with all the same chemical characteristics along with the advantages of an immobilized reagent, according to the company. The clean, efficient catalysts can be used from lab to plant scale across a range of transformations including esterification, elimination, protection and deprotection, rearrangement, cyclisation and hydrolysis reactions.

Phos-Cat4’s benefits reportedly include:

* Reduced operating costs – no additional washes are required

* Lower waste disposal costs – reduced discharge minimizes environmental impact

* No additional purification required – prevents formation of genotoxic by-product impurities associated with sulfuric acids

* Reduced overall production costs – catalysts can easily be recycled for reuse

* Increased stability

Features of the PhosphonicS acid catalyst product range include:

* Easy to handle, free flowing solid

* High acid strengths comparable to traditional acids

* High chemical and physical stability

* No pre-treatment required, no swelling

* Can be applied in either fixed-bed (continuous) or slurry (batch) mode