Pump Runs On Biodiesel Fuel

April 11, 2012
Engine is powered by 100% biodiesel fuel made from all-natural renewable sources.

Sykes Pumps has unveiled the Enviropump, a new energy efficient, 6-inch pump powered by a Lister Alpha- Bio G-Build LPWS Bio 4 engine. Made to run on 100% biodiesel (B100) fuel made from all-natural renewable sources, the units are designed for the construction, industrial and process sectors. They also include a fully filtered vacuum prime system that ensures zero discharge and are fitted with biodegradable oils.

The Enviropump features a green acoustic cabinet and is capable of keeping noise levels down to 65 Dba at 7m. With a fuel tank capacity of 175 liters, the units weigh 1,990 kg fully fueled and offers fuel consumption of 4.10 liters per hour on full load at 1,500 rpm. They are suited for water companies and government agencies that have robust environmental policies and are interested in reducing their carbon footprints.