Dual Action Mixers Improve Uniformity

Aug. 1, 2014
Sharpe Mixers introduced dual action and tandem mixers for improved blending and uniformity.

Sharpe Mixers introduced custom-configured, dual action and tandem mixers for applications where users have one tank and multiple mixing requirements. Sharpe Dual Motion Mixers combine a high-shear or high-intensity mixer with a low-shear, gentle acting agitator.  A typical configuration designed to improve product uniformity includes a center mounted low speed anchor mixer or scrape anchor mixer, which moves product into a mixing zone where a secondary agitator thoroughly blends.

Sharpe Dual Motion Mixers can utilize scrapers to assist in sweeping the side walls of a tank.  A helix-auger configuration for high viscosity applications requiring low shear mixing is also available.  Typical applications include manufacturing food products processed with gravy, sauces with thickeners, and chemical slurries.