Bonomi Introduces Valbia Series 86 Actuators

May 4, 2015
The NEMA 4 actuators are designed for use with ball and butterfly valves, and offer a broad range of torques and a rugged body and gear train

Bonomi’s Valbia Series 86 quarter-turn electric actuators are designed for use with ball and butterfly valves. The NEMA 4 cast aluminum body is polyester powder coated to keep environmental elements out. The gear train is made with steel and techno-polymer gears, supported by hardened steel pinions and mounted on self-lubricating bushings.

Available in six sizes with maximum working torque ranging from 266 to 3100 inch-pounds, the actuators adjust motor speed automatically depending on load variations to ensure consistent cycle times. A dome-style position indicator is standard across the range.  An electronic torque limiter is also standard. A standard heater is activated when the actuator is powered.

Motors include low voltage 12V and multivoltage  24V AC/DC 100-240 VAC models.  Options include a programmable positioner, rotary potentiometer and battery backup for failsafe operation.

The actuators are built to ISO 5211-DIN3337 standards for easy direct mount installation on valves. They are available as separate components or on single-number automated valve packages with Bonomi butterfly valves and low-torque ball valves.