Conval Introduces Fire-Safe Camseal Ball Valve

June 30, 2016
Ball valves are suited for applications where fire safety is a concern.

Conval Camseal zero-leakage ball valves are now qualified for fire-safe service in ½” through 4” sizes, in both API 607 and 6FA; for all pressure classes 2500 and lower; for low-alloy steel body materials such as A105 and F22, and austenitic body materials such as 316 stainless steel. Fire-safe Camseal ball valves are suited for CNG, LNG, refining and chemical applications where fire safety is a major concern. The top-entry, cartridge-style forged ball valves are reportedly easy to inspect, maintain and repair. In-line renewability is accomplished within 30 minutes in the event of process application abuse, according to the company. The cartridge is removed for on-site parts replacement, reassembly and reinstallation. No welding is required.