Simulation Software Enhancements Speeds Up Prototyping

July 13, 2010
DEM Solutions introduces the latest version of its DEM-based simulation software technology. EDEM 2.3 is designed to help companies substantially reduce the number of physical prototypes and tests required to get a product to market or a process on-stream. EDEM’s physics-based analysis can improve the understanding of system fundamentals, enabling engineers to test virtual prototypes of bulk solids handling and processing equipment. New features and enhancements can help customers speed up prototype design with CAD-related workflow improvements; visualize particle-structure interactions; and gain increased capability in the EDEM software platform. EDEM 2.3 extends features for multi-format CAD file import and automatic meshing, allowing users to manipulate geometry components such as chutes, baffles, mixing blades, and other structures in imported CAD models of equipment. Users can now directly modify, translate and rotate CAD model elements within EDEM without going back to the original CAD model. EDEM now offers viewing of models with perspective or orthographic projection and improved camera control and image-rendering functions. EDEM 2.3 users may find it easier to visualize the effect of interaction between bulk particles and equipment surfaces. Particle-structure interactions such as impact loads, surface pressure and charge distribution can be visualized on all equipment surfaces.