Software Performs Dynamic Simulations

April 25, 2012
New version predicts time-dependent behavior of industrial processes.

Invensys Operations Management has released Dynsim 5.0, a new version of its SimSci-Esscor dynamic simulation software designed to perform studies such as distillation column relief load reduction, compressor startup and surge analysis, de-pressuring analysis, refinery steam control and flare system analysis.

Capable of predicting the time-dependent behavior of industrial processes, Dynsim 5.0 can also accurately depict the same hydraulic, heat transfer and other equipment constraints as the actual plant. It provides a scalable application to reduce capital costs, improve plant design, trim commissioning time, increase asset availability and train and certify control room and field operators in a safe environment.

To accelerate the learning curve, Dynsim 5.0 is also able to add functionality through the Dynsim Power software offering, such as an enhanced compressor and expander models, as well as pipeline models from its Pipephase software, including two-phase flow modeling, acceleration pressure drop modeling and a global pipeline database.