Honeywell Releases UniSim Design Blowdown Utility

Dec. 8, 2015
An enhancement to Honeywell’s UniSim design and simulation software is designed to improve safety.

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) introduces UniSim Design Blowdown Utility for oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industry applications to assist in designing systems to allow for safe depressurization of process equipment. It also helps companies more accurately select the right construction materials and blowdown system sizes needed for the site.

UniSim Design uses a modeling approach consistent with the new recommended practices and analytical fire method set forth in the Sixth Edition (Jan 2014) of the API Standard 521 Pressure-relieving and Depressuring Systems. Validation tests show that the UniSim Design Blowdown Utility matches experimental data from publically available and proprietary sources, with the desired accuracy for blowdown prediction, according to Honeywell.