October 2021


Poll Results: Digital Twin

We asked readers: How would you characterize your site's interest in using a digital twin?

Chemical Processing Economic Snapshot Ending July 2021

Shipments rose but capacity utilization slipped and the CAB remained flat. Source: American Chemistry Council.

MTP Makes Modular Manufacturing Easier

Time to market is expedited and costs are cut when a common, open standard is applied.

Fluid Handling: Pick The Proper Positioner

The necessary level of communication is an important factor

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Succeed At Water Stewardship

Using a sensible strategy along with online tools and resources can improve results

Carbon Dioxide Underpins Microbial Route To Feedstocks

Conversion of carbon dioxide creates nutrients for microbes that can produce a wide variety of products

Polymers Promise Better Sustainability

Materials offer impressive properties but catalytically depolymerize for monomer recovery

Chemical Processing Polls: Gain Insights On Topics and Trends

Our monthly polls and economic overviews cover important issues

Process Safety Management Audits Find Confusion Common

Issues with operating/safe limits tables arise all too frequently

Refinery Reduces Octane Giveaway

Teaming an online analyzer with next-generation APC markedly trims reformer output variability

Processing Equipment: Simulation Finds A New Model

Hybrid offerings promise more capabilities and a wider role

EPA Goes Back To The Drawing Board On Toxic Substances

Agency proposes revising the rules for five PBT chemicals

Don’t Simply Blame The Piping Designer

Bizarre layouts often stem from poor communications

Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates Celebrates Centennial

Its diverse efforts aim to bolster the specialty chemicals industry

Consider The Effects Of Global Warming

We won’t recognize chemical processing by 2100

Algorithm Tackles Process Simulations

Method quickly identified novel materials for gas storage
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Energy Saver: Change How Your Plant Runs

Focus on operational and engineered improvements, proper maintenance, and new technologies