Sierra Instruments Launches RedySmart Mass Flow Controllers

May 2, 2020
Sierra announces new line of MEMS-based thermal mass flow controllers and flow meters optimized for biopharm OEMs.

Sierra Instruments launches RedySmart mass flow meters and controllers for BioPharm OEMs.  Sierra also announces RedyCompact flow meters and regulators as an upgrade to antiquated rotameters. These thermal instruments employ high-precision MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems) technology utilizing an advanced, ultra-stable no-drift CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) sensor.

The MEMS-based thermal mass flow meters and controllers complement Sierra’s current capillary-based thermal SmartTrak scientific product line by offering users a true OEM mass flow control offering with its modular design, cabling system and easy integration into a gas mixing block. Digital communications options with Modbus are included.

The RedyCompact offers users a digital upgrade to mechanical rotameters. Battery powered, with a large touchscreen, RedyCompact is easy to read from a distance with its automatic screen adjustment (0°/90°/180°/270°) for easy installation and visibility. RedyCompact also offers higher mass flow accuracy than volumetric rotameters and regulates flow rate with the high-resolution value by dialing in the manual setpoint. Users set alarms so the meter indicates when a flow event occurs.  Two standard AA batteries gives the meter months of operation. An optional Micro-USB power plug is also available.

The RedySmart and RedyCompact models are calibrated over their entire flow range to assure accuracy and repeatability over the life of the device.  A fully automated system capable of calibrating hundreds of units at once eliminates any human error during the calibration process. Five versions of the RedySmart and four versions of the RedyCompact are available.