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Sierra RedySmart MFCs Accelerate Vaccine Development for Bioprocessing

June 24, 2020
Sierra Instruments offers scientists, biomedical engineers and bioreactor manufacturers a comprehensive line of mass flow controllers to meet demanding bioprocessing applications...

Sierra Instruments Launches RedySmart Mass Flow Controllers

May 2, 2020
Sierra announces new line of MEMS-based thermal mass flow controllers and flow meters optimized for biopharm OEMs.

Sierra Instruments Launches Flow Energy Big-3

June 26, 2018
Big-3 is complete flow energy offering for flows like compressed air, natural gas, steam, and hot and chilled water.

Sierra Introduces QuadraTherm 640i/780i Gas Mixing Software

Jan. 18, 2016
QuadraTherm with qMix is suited for shale gas upstream production.

Sierra Upgrades InnovaSonic Ultrasonic Flow Meter Line

May 14, 2015
Sierra upgrades InnovaSonic flow meter line.

Sierra Instruments Introduces qMix Gas Mixing Software

March 27, 2015
Software eliminates need to send flow meter back to the factory for gas composition changes.

Software Allows Users to Totalize All Gases with One Mass Flow Meter

Oct. 31, 2013
Each totalizer is independent of the others, allowing users to totalize one gas, then switch and totalize another gas.

Flow Meter Utilizes High-Powered Ultrasonic Pulse

June 1, 2011
Comes with a fully field-configurable 4-20mA current loop analog output.

Flow Controller Features Advanced Core Sensor Technology

Oct. 5, 2010
Sierra has been able to streamline delivery by stocking the seven most common flow ranges.

Critical Control Functions Easily Changed On Flowmeter

March 1, 2010
Smart-Trak 2 is a redesign of the Series 100 digital mass flowmeters and controllers. Expanded functionality includes high accuracy and great flexibility in multiple gases, Dial...

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Flow Meter Measure Green House Gasses

Jan. 11, 2010
Recently Sierra introduced a line of mass flow meters Certified by Sierra for Green House Gas (GHG) reporting to the public. All Sierra GHG meters now conform to the new EPA rule...

Instrument Measures Mass Flow Rates In Large Ducts

Sept. 21, 2009
Sierra is proud to announce the release of our brand new Multi-Trak Model 670S Multi-Point Mass Flow Meter System. The new Multi-Trak Model 670S is an advanced state-of-the-art...

Flow Meter Is Designed To Measure Thermal Energy Flow Rate

Aug. 31, 2009
Sierra's Innova-Sonic Model 205 Thermal Energy/ BTU Meter is a transit-time ultrasonic flow meter designed to measure the thermal energy flow rate and totalized energy consumption...

Flow Meters Feature More Control And Flexibility

June 11, 2009
Sierra Instruments Inc. introduces its Smart-Trak 2, a significant re-design of its Series 100 Digital Mass Flow Meters and Controllers. The result of over five years of user ...

Programmable Control Module for Digital Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

May 18, 2009
Sierra Instruments unveils the Compod

Mass Flow Controller with ANSI or DIN Flanges

March 23, 2009
Sierra Instruments introduces the Max-Trak Model 180 + Flanges

Thermal Mass Flow Meter Features Self-Cleaning Purge Port

March 19, 2009
Sierra Instrument’s Steel-Mass Model 640S Immersible Thermal Mass Flow Meter is now available with a new self-cleaning purge port field that is said to remove even the toughest...

Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flowmeter Offers an Alternative Choice for Mag-Meter Applications

Nov. 24, 2008
Sierra Instruments introduces the Innova-Sonic In-Line Model 206 Digital Correlation Transit-Time ultrasonic flowmeter