SPX Cooling Technologies Introduces Marley MD Everest Counterflow Cooling Tower

SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. introduces the Marley MD Everest, a modular counterflow cooling tower. The Marley MD Everest Cooling Tower is reportedly suitable for power generation plants, chemical, oil and gas plants and other process applications with a wide range of thermal loads. 

The MD Everest tower’s pre-configured design offers advantages that enable safer assembly processes, including up to 60% faster delivery and 80% faster installation compared to field-erected cooling towers, according to the company, whether users are designing a new plant or replacing an aging traditional site-constructed cooling tower.

The MD Everest counterflow tower’s robust structure reportedly meets seismic and wind load requirements per ASCE and IBC building codes, and its heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant materials withstand the rigors of process cooling applications. Industrial-strength Marley mechanical components include a five-year maintenance-free System 5 Marley Geareducer gear drive; energy-efficient, low-clog PVC heat exchange fill media, and motor outside airstream (MOA), standard. The MD Everest also includes a five-year mechanical component warranty.

MD Everest cooling tower arrives at the site in modules that are built and assembled in a controlled factory environment. Its thermal performance is pending certification by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI), eliminating the need and expense for on-site testing.