Thermal Solutions Introduces Eco Propel Cognitive Pump Control

Thermal Solutions Products, LLC introduces Eco Propel Cognitive Pump Technology, a variable speed control for its line of Apex condensing boilers. Eco Propel integrates the boiler firing rate with pump speeds to improve boiler and system efficiency while reducing electrical consumption, according to the company.  A 0-10v signal is communicated to the pump to ensure desired flow and delta T is returned across all firing ranges, not just high fire.  Complex programing has been eliminated at the pump; the technology is reportedly simple to use by selecting boiler model, pump manufacturer and desired delta right on the control screen.

Eco Propel reduces pump speeds as much as 85% under single-speed pumps, eliminating wasteful over-pumping and reducing electrical utility costs, according to the company. Eco Propel systems reportedly average a return temperature that is 20°F lower than other systems with on/off pumps.  The lower return temperatures increase boiler efficiency up to 3% and prolong conditions required for condensing, according to the company.     


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