Aalborg Instruments Introduces Enhanced Optical Sensor Switches

Aalborg Instruments’ enhanced Optical Sensor Switches offer a non-invasive way to detect high or low flow rates, according to the company. Users reportedly power up, slide and set the carrier with the set of self-contained miniature photoelectric sensors to monitor the desired level of flow.

An orange light signals that the float is in the desired position. The enhanced sensors, consisting of transmitter and receiver, will signal a cut-off valve, alarm or other device when the float passes above or below the desired setting. The Optical Sensor Switches can be used with Aalborg’s P, S and T rotameters. A kit is available for comparable flow meters. The sensor switches are suitable for OEM applications, according to the company.

Enhanced Sensor Switch features reportedly include:

  • One or two rigid carriers
  • Can be used in conjunction with a customer-supplied control relay to power alternate equipment or monitoring devices
  •  Work with all float materials including transparent red-colored floats made from sapphire due to the sensors’ enhanced design
  • Response time: 0.5 MS
  • Compact design and easy operation
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