Yokogawa Introduces UTAdvanced Series Controllers

Yokogawa Electric Corporation releases new UTAdvanced series controllers including four DIN rail*1 mounting type controllers and one 1/8 DIN panel type program controller. New UT55A, UT52A, UT35A and UT32A DIN rail mounting type controllers comply with the global DIN standard and can be easily mounted in panel boxes.

Compact in size, the new 1/8 DIN UP32A panel type program controller controls based on patterns that are preset along the time axis (program-pattern control).The space-saving dual-loop 1/8 DIN UT32A-D controller carries out the functions of two controllers. An optional function of the UT32A allows a target setpoint value to be remotely set via a signal from another instrument (UT32A/RSP). The economy-type UT32A-R, UT32A-V and UT32A-C single-output temperature controllers have just one output.

The UTAdvanced series is suited for companies that design and manufacture machinery, air conditioning systems, power equipment and other items for use in industries such as electrical equipment, machinery, chemicals, foods, semiconductors and automobiles. Applications include measurement, display and control of temperature, pressure and flow rate; alarming; programmed control; and display of operating conditions in heating, cleaning, sterilization and other processes in R&D and manufacturing




UTAdvanced PR1150 1
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