Acrylic Flow Meters Handle Gas And Water Flow Applications

Brooks Instrument's Series 2500 acrylic flow meters are suitable for a variety of gas and water flow instrumentation applications. The unit features a one-piece clear acrylic construction, designed to make it durable and easy to read the flow rate.

The standard rod-guided float helps provide a stable, accurate flow measurement, and the hex head meter connections allow for installation without damaging the meter. Accuracy ranges from 2% to 5% with 2-inch to 5-inch scale depending on the model. They offer direct reading air or water scales available in English or Metric. Additionally, each model can be configured with various control valve, fitting and O-ring options.

Series 2500 flow meters also feature water ranges from 4 ccm to 20 GPM, air ranges from 40 ccm to 4000 LPM and threaded brass inserts.

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Brooks Instrument