Conductivity Sensor Handles Harsh Industrial Processes

Electro-Chemical Devices' CSX2 conductivity sensor features a rugged design for high-temperature environments. The CSX2 is a two-electrode sensor that measures electrolytic conductivity at a range of 1.0-50,000 µS. It handles up to 200°C at pressures of 250 psig. At temperatures below 100°C, the CSX2 is rated for pressures up to 400 psig.

The CSX2 features a 316 stainless-steel outer body and center electrode separated by a Peek (poly ether ether ketone) internal insulator. All possible leak paths are double-sealed with EPR O-rings for maximum on-stream reliability. Industrial hot-water processes are a severe environment for any elastomer, and the EPR front O-ring seals bear the brunt of the chemical attack to allow the back seals to remain relatively unaffected. This redundant design can increase the reliability of the CSX2 and the usable lifetime of the sensor in harsh applications.

The CSX2 provides highly accurate and reliable conductivity measurement in a wide range of demanding industrial process plant applications. It is suitable for use in petrochemical refining, electric power generation, food/beverage, metals/mining or anywhere high-pressure steam boilers are in use.

Product Type:
Electro-Chemical Devices