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All-In-One Sulfide Analyzer Helps Control Odor in Water

Sept. 29, 2013
System was designed to save time and labor costs for municipal water operations by completing all the necessary steps to measure sulfide ions in a water sample.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Includes Long-Life Membrane Cap

Feb. 19, 2013
Sensor is suitable for drinking water, surface water monitoring and municipal wastewater treatment.

Universal Transmitter Delivers Several Analytical Measurements

Feb. 6, 2013
Device is a single-channel transmitter designed for the continuous measurement of multiple parameters in a general-purpose industrial environment.

Sensors Measure Ammonium Activity

March 19, 2012
New models use replaceable, long-life electrode cartridges.

Conductivity Sensor Handles Harsh Industrial Processes

Dec. 5, 2010
All possible leak paths are double-sealed with EPR O-rings for maximum on-stream reliability.

Online Sampling Analyzer Can Analyze 20 Common Parameters

Oct. 31, 2010
The advanced CA-6 Analyzer can improve these measurements by reducing the volume of conditioning chemicals required and minimizing the associated waste.

Ammonium Sensors Deliver Economical Analytical Measurement Solution

Sept. 8, 2009
The new S10 and S17 Ammonium Sensors from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) provide advanced instrumentation to help plants and processes operate smoothly and efficiently with lower...