Instrument Measures Mass Flow Rates In Large Ducts

Sierra is proud to announce the release of our brand new Multi-Trak Model 670S Multi-Point Mass Flow Meter System.

The new Multi-Trak Model 670S is an advanced state-of-the-art instrument for measuring mass flow rates in very large ducts or stacks that have non-uniform velocity profiles, high turn-down requirements, dirty gas streams, wide temperature ranges and fast velocity and temperature changes. The Model 670S dynamically compensates for changes in the flow profile by using up to four independent mass flow sensing points to measure the instantaneous average gas mass flow velocity. The Multi-Trak is commonly used in petrochemical refining, coal-fired electric power generation, steel manufacturing and many other industrial processes that face the challenge of accurate and repeatable gas mass flow measurement in very large pipes or ducts.

An innovative, versatile and user-friendly microprocessor-based Human Machine Interface (HMI) controls all functions of the Model 670S system. The HMI is used to collect, visualize and store flow data, as well as set up the individual sensor points, thus allowing the entire system to be easily configured in the field. The Model 670S HMI integrates the functions of flow measurement, flow-range adjustment, field validation and diagnostics, and displays mass flow rate and totalized flow, as well as other configuration variables. All of this data is easily programmable from the HMI's easy-to-use touch screen.

Unlike single probe insertion sensors where each sensor point is on the same insertion probe, each Model 670S sensor point is completely independent of the others, allowing for easy field swap-out or cleaning of individual transmitters.

The Multi-Trak features an accuracy of +/- 1% reading plus 0.5% of full scale, one-second response to changes in flow rate, and patented Dry-SenseTM  Technology that eliminates sensor drift.  Field validation of meter electronics and sensor resistance verifies flow meter performance. The sensors are FM, CSA, and ATEX certified for hazardous areas, and are also CE Approved.

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