NSX Analyzer Offers Improved Sample Introduction and Enhanced Oxidative Combustion Performance

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announces the launch of the TITAN 4000 Total Nitrogen/Sulfur/Chlorine (NSX) analyzer. This streamlined NSX analyzer, up to 60% smaller than competing analyzers, offers users in the refinery and petrochemical markets improved sample introduction and enhanced oxidative combustion performance. Its detectors enable increased analysis speed and productivity, as well as maximum accuracy and reliability of results. Its working range covers total nitrogen/sulfur/chlorine applications from low ppb (parts per billion) to high ppm (parts per million) concentrations. In addition, the use of a combustion method allows the analyzer to cater to a range of applications in refinery and chemical samples, including naphtha, aromatics, automotive fuels, biodiesel fuels, gaseous and LPG samples.

Traditional analyzers achieve analysis times of six minutes, requiring extra carrier gas facilities and frequent user interface handling. By eliminating the need for frequent system checks, the innovative Thermo Scientific TITAN 4000 NSX analyzer is capable of analyzing TN/TS samples within two minutes and TX samples in under four minutes.

By operating in real-time and with minimal sample handling requirements, the TITAN 4000 analyzer decreases analytical costs and complies with current market driven ASTM, IP and UOP methods. The analyzer features a chromium-plated, copper spray injection design, which is able to inject high boiling point component samples without blocking the injection system. The sample introduction and combustion technology, with pre-soot detection (patent pending), ensures optimum analysis and result precision, reducing lead time and minimizing matrix effects. 

The TITAN 4000 injection port and the plug flow quartz combustion tube require only oxygen gas. Maintenance is reduced through removing the need for their frequent replacement. A heated filter and a number of gasflow and temperature control sensors eliminate the need for user interaction. These features improve the autonomy of the system and reduce instrument downtime and maintenance, minimizing operation costs associated with gas consumption and consumables. In addition, the combination of safe, sensitive and reliable TS-UVF, TN-CLD, microcoulometric techniques and reduced instrument interaction lead to heightened laboratory safety.

Thermo Fisher has taken a "modular plug-and-play" approach in developing the TITAN 4000, ensuring maximum ease-of-use and productivity. The NSX’s enhanced modularity and upgradability allow straightforward and quick module exchange functionality. In addition, the system’s own module diagnostics make tools for future analysis easily accessible. User-friendly, new generation software, Thermo Scientific VISUAL, simplifies the analytical operation by minimizing user involvement in setting up the analyzer. In addition, the VISUAL functions, including priority samples, auto-multiple point calibration lines, Auto-RSD, self diagnostics and leak testing, allow 24/7 unattended operation.

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