Fluid Handling / Separations Technology

Industrial Magnetics Acquires Prater-Sterling

By Chemical Processing Staff

May 29, 2014

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. announced the acquisition of Prater-Sterling of Bolingbrook, IL. Industrial Magnetics provides magnetic solutions designed and engineered for applications ranging from particle separation to material handling. Prater-Sterling specializes in developing and manufacturing equipment in size reduction, separation, metering, compacting and batch weighing as well as control systems for applications including food processing, chemical and agriculture, minerals and pharmaceuticals.

“Our products can be found in close proximity to one another in a process stream,” says Bud Shear, CEO of Industrial Magnetics. “We believe this synergy gives the user the opportunity to move towards a ‘one stop shop’ mentality since we will have more to offer through the entire product lifecycle.”

For more information, visit: www.magnetics.com