Envirogen and Inotec Partner to Advance Bioreactor Performance for Water Treatment

By Chemical Processing staff

Mar 06, 2014

Envirogen Technologies Inc. and Inotec Inc. announced that they have entered into a joint technology development agreement to advance the performance of bioreactors in groundwater, mining water and a broad range of wastewater treatment applications.

The initial focus of the development activity will be on reducing the amount of substrate (electron donor) required to successfully operate anoxic bioreactors as well as on minimizing the amount of solids generated during operation. Bioreactor treatment operating costs are among the lowest of any type of water treatment technology on the market today – with electron donor and solids handling representing a significant portion of long-term project costs. Initial targets for technology development will include the removal of metals and inorganics.

Envirogen’s FBR is a fixed-film bioreactor in which biological media is suspended, or fluidized, within the reactor vessel by the upward flow of water through the system. High concentrations of biomass, its plug-flow characteristics and tall beds minimize bioreactor footprint and shorten retention times.

For more information on the company, visit www.envirogen.com.