Bayer Material Science Opens DirectCoating/DirectSkinning Technology Cell

By Chemical Processing staff

Nov 05, 2013

In response to growing market demand for a one-step, combined molding process, Bayer Material Science is opening a DirectCoating/DirectSkinning (DC/DS) technology cell at its Pittsburgh headquarters.

The DC/DS technology combines conventional thermoplastic injection molding with reaction injection molding (RIM) in a single tool. The technology delivers a hard polycarbonate blend substrate with an ultraviolet-stabilized, scratch- and chemical-resistant polyurethane coating or aliphatic polyurethane self-skinning foam.

Conventional processes require multiple steps to create a hard plastic component with a soft finish. Manufacturers would first mold the hard substrate and then transfer it to another piece of equipment to apply a finish. DC/DS technology shortens this process, according to Bayer Material Science.

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